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Flexible cloud services upgrade policy to meet your schedule

One of the key benefits of cloud networking is that it not only simplifies installation and deployment, but it also provides very simple upgrade and patch administration. As cloud networking services continue their widespread use due to simplicity, companies need to understand what the implications are for their IT department when cloud networking vendors update their cloud platform.

Here are some key questions that companies have to keep in mind when using a cloud networking service.  

  • How often does the cloud vendor upgrade their cloud platform?
  • Will I be required to upgrade my networking devices immediately when a new cloud platform version becomes available in order to use the cloud?     
  • Can I still keep using my current version of the cloud platform and my current version of networking devices?  
  • How long can I keep using my current version of the cloud platform and my current version of networking devices?  
  • What happens when there are maintenance releases of the cloud platform?

When a cloud platform by a provider is upgraded, this forces device upgrades to customers. The devices are in service and are working perfectly fine, but a platform upgrade forces customers to fix something that is not broken.

For customers, the impact of a forced upgrade process has negative ramifications. First, if customers need to use the cloud networking service to manage or configure networking devices, for example, they have to upgrade their devices quickly or will lose that functionality for a period of time. This is magnified even further if devices are in distributed locations. Without the cloud, IT administrators will have no way of seeing what’s happening on those devices in various locations.

Also, IT teams may be forced to bring networking devices down at an inconvenient time in order to use their cloud service quickly. This could result in lost employee productivity if the network devices are down during business hours. The bottom line is forced upgrades create havoc for IT administrators.  

Aerohive takes a different, customer friendly approach with its flexible cloud service platform upgrade policy.  Customers can continue to take advantage of HiveManager Online without any forced upgrades and always maintain control on when to upgrade their Aerohive network devices. Here are the key components of Aerohive’s cloud service platform upgrade policy.  

  • Customers can upgrade to the latest version of HiveManager Online by themselves or request that Aerohive do this for them either by phone, by opening a ticket, or opt-in for automatic updates. Customers always control when to upgrade their Aerohive network devices at all times.  
  • Customers can use the latest version of HiveManager Online and at least the two previous versions of HiveManager Online. At the same time, customers can continue to use at least two previous hardware device versions based on the HiveManager Online version they are using.  
  • Aerohive will automatically apply any maintenance releases and critical patches on HiveManager Online major releases. Customers will always be protected with the latest security and bug fixes. Of course, customers can apply maintenance releases to hardware devices at their convenience.  

Aerohive’s unique, flexible upgrade policy ensures that customers are never forced into any upgrades on their Aerohive network devices or their cloud management platform. Aerohive understands that customers should be allowed to upgrade their cloud version and hardware devices on their own schedule and at their convenience. Customers have the luxury of waiting up to two feature releases before upgrading to the latest version.

This means the IT staff is not forced into upgrading quickly and can focus on other immediate tasks on their radar. Plus, customers can continue to take advantage of cloud benefits while on older versions of HiveManager Online and network devices. They can maintain centralized management of their devices from anywhere, have continuous backups of their data from the cloud, and can easily add more devices as they grow. With Aerohive, customers can enjoy the advantages of the cloud while having the ability to upgrade when they want to.  

For more details, please view the official Aerohive Cloud Services Upgrade Policy document here.   

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