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Making Apple networking services easy: Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway

We are witnessing first-hand the “consumerization of IT” and BYOD craze happening. iPads and iPhones have infiltrated the workplace,  accessing the enterprise wireless network just like a corporate-issued PC.

Of course, this translates directly to a need to utilize technology features such as Apple’s AirPrint and AirPlay, which are geared more towards simple home networks than enterprise networks.

Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway gives enterprise admins a way to solve the issues created by multi-subnet networks when trying to use Apple’s Zero-Configuration Network services (a.k.a. Bonjour services), and also allows you to selectively filter the services presented to the devices through this solution.

On this episode of the No Strings Attached Show, Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing at Aerohive talks about the company’s new Bonjour Gateway.

Listen to the podcast here.


For a demo of the Bonjour video, check out the video with Aerohive’s Matthew Gast below.


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