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Welcome to HiveNation, Aerohive’s brand new online community

Happy 2013! It’s a brand new year, and a brand new era in social media for the Hive.  

You’ve probably seen us all over Twitter – answering questions about our products, solving problems, engaging with thought leaders in our space ... but we’ve come to realize that 140 characters isn't always long enough for us to have meaningful conversations about our products and the problems Aerohive’s solutions are solving. That’s why today we are launching our new online community – HiveNation.

The HiveNation Community will serve as a highly searchable, wealth of information where customers, evaluators, industry thought leaders and other IT professionals can learn more about Aerohive’s products and culture, while engaging with like-minded individuals.

This new online community will also provide IT professionals with a place to discuss future projects, problems and successes with others in order to benefit directly from their experiences and opinions.

More than a support platform

From a support point of view, a community provides IT professionals with a place to swap stories about problems and successes with others who are experiencing the same issues. These resources are invaluable to busy IT professionals, but the HiveNation community is more than just customer-powered support.

What you will find in our community?

  • Ask questions and discover whether customers have already had the same question and if the question is already answered
  • Share ideas and participate in discussions with experienced users and gain valuable insight
  • Learn about Aerohive’s Cloud, Wi-Fi, routing and VPN solutions
  • Provide feedback and suggest enhancements to the Aerohive team
  • Give praise and be recognized and rewarded for feedback

How do I get started?

Click here to go to the HiveNation community, register, and get started: It’s that easy!

•    Ask a Question.
•    Share an Idea.
•    Give us Praise.
•    You can (and are highly encouraged!) to answer a question if you know the answer. Users helping users – that’s what a community is all about.

We hope you find it valuable and come back time and time again. I look forward to engaging with you in the community.

Amanda Henry
Community and Social Media Manager, Aerohive


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