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How to fix the Wi-Fi glitch in iOS 6 for Apple devices

Question: Why does Wi-Fi stop working after an iOS 6 upgrade?!

I, like many other people yesterday, upgraded to iOS 6 on all of my supported Apple devices: an iPod Touch (4th generation), an iPad 2, and an iPad 3. On the iPads, the upgrade was smooth as silk, but the iPod touch was a bit rocky. Although I didn't have the problem on my iPad, apparently a bunch of people did.

After I brought the iPod back up post-upgrade, it would connect to the Wi-Fi network, pop up a page on, and then disconnect from the network. It appears to be related to iOS’s captive web portal detection, which tries to fetch a page from If it fetches the Apple page, iOS knows there’s no web portal; if it gets anything else, iOS pops up a web browser with the login page.

Well, the trouble with my upgrade is that the web portal detection was being triggered, even on a network that didn’t have one. Both of my iPads worked fine, but the iPod Touch did not. The fix that worked for me was to reset my network settings.

Start off by going into settings, and go to General:

Next, go all the way down to the bottom, and find the Reset option.

Once you’re there, you get a screen with multiple options. Choose Reset Network Settings.


Selecting this blows away your Wi-Fi configuration and causes the device to restart. When it came back up, I was able to put in my network credentials and everything has been fine since then.

I assume this is related to the backup/restore portion of the upgrade, and my Wi-Fi network profile from iOS 5.1.1 wasn’t carried over cleanly to iOS 6.

Thankfully, there’s a simple fix to keep it going.

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